In 2009 took15mg of mobic (meloxicam) 3x a day for 20 days. Still have 2012 intestinal inflammation and elevated liver enzymes. Did this overdose cause?

Meloxicam overdose. The Meloxicam overdose symptoms are blue lips, fingernails, or skin, seizures, pain in the chest, upper stomach, or throat, severe stomach pain, skin rash, swelling around the eyes, face, lips, or tongue, rapid weight gain ... Many medications can cause elevated liver enzymes and intestinal inflammation, please see your doctor for evaluation.
TOO MUCH. Hard to answer but to you took way to much. To high-dose can cause problems but i can't tell you how long the inflammation will last. Part of this may depend on how much permanent damage you did to the tissue. Your physician should be able to answer the questions.