Just had an operation on herniated disc l4/l5 and still same symptoms on left leg as before op i.E. Numbness and scrapping feeling, is this normal?

See below. If the nerve was heavily trapped the symptoms can persist as the nerve tries to heal. Talk to your surgeon about your problem.
Maybe. When a nerve is squeezed for a long time it might take quite some time for numbness to go away. Usually the pain goes away quickly.

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Experiencing pain and tingling in left leg/foot. MRI shows herniated disc L4 L5 with L5 nerve impingement but EMG was normal. Get a 2nd EMG?

Physical therapy. In a case where there are symptoms of nerve impingement, and some tests show it (MRI) and others don't (EMG), this may reflect the positional and postural nature of the way our spinal cord and nerve roots move in our body. Rather than get more testing, consider physical therapy. If several weeks of PT had no benefit, then follow-up in person with a neurologist, physiatrist, or neurosurgeon. Read more...

I have slipped disc l4, L5 and s1 from two years now. I want to know wether slipped disc is completely curable? Have numbness in left leg.

Can be . This really depends on what treatment you have had done. If by slipped you mean herniated, the typical treatment is pain medications and therapy, followed by epidurals and if necessary surgery. If its just numbness, there are medications to treat that although their efficacy varies. Consider seeing a physiatrist. Read more...