My wrist hurts so badly when I type. What should I do?

Carpal tunnel. Check the ergonomics of your workstation. Your wrist needs to be unbet and parallell to the floor when typing. Increase b-vitamin intake. Anti-inflammatories of cats claw and ganoderma are very helpful. Failing these you will need to see a doctor for steroid injections into the wrist and possibly surgery. Email me for details www.Medacpc.Com.
Try to reposition . The keyboard, adjust chair or desk height, try different wrist rests or splints, try a different size or style keyboard, get checked out for arthritis, tendonitis, nerve issues. For modifiaiton remeber one size doesnot fit all a desk and a keyboard can be individaualized infinitely just like an article of clothing or shoes notone size fits all, finally if this persists seek medical attention.