My skin itches and I don't know what to do! Can you help?

Yes. There are 2 ways to relieve itching-external topical treatment and internal medications. Applying cold compresses or taking cool shower will give some immediate temporary relief. Anti-itch creams such as benadryl, (diphenhydramine) calamine, lanacaine and hdrocortisone will give more long lasting relief. Oral antihistamines will provide the most effective relief. If needed topical treatments can be use while taking oral agent.
Yes. Common causes of itchy skin include new medications or topical products and weather changes. If you are developing shortness of breath or difficulty breathing along with itchy skin, dial 911. You could be having early signs of anaphylactic shock. Some safe things to try for itchy skin is to hydrate wet skin after bathing. I love aquaphor or eucerin or a similar bland emollient. Try avoiding any new products or harsh chemicals. A small amount of Hydrocortisone over-the-counter cream can also be tried for a few days. Avoid the face with Hydrocortisone unless instructed otherwise by a physician.