An animal bit me. What should I do to prevent skin infection?

Wash well & see Dr. After an animal bite, the area should be washed well to get the animal germs out. If the wound is large, deep, or painful, the staff at the emergency room can wash it out. Prescription antibiotics may be needed, as well as a tetanus booster. If bitten by a raccoon, skunk, fox, coyote, bat, or any salivating/drooling strangely acting animal, rabies is a possibility (see a dr. Within a day or so).
Seek medical attenti. Like most wounds, immediate cleaning/irrigation is the hallmark of infection prevention. Assuming skin was broken, considerations include infection and rabies from mamalian bites as well as updating tetanus immunization. Bite wounds are concerning as they are often puncture wounds which are difficult to irrigate. A visit to your primary physician or urgent care is in order to fully assess.