Pressure under upper right rib, alp 67, AST 17, ALT 16, bilirubin 1.0...Cbc all normal...Could this be liver disease...Noticeable after alcohol

?Gallbladder. Before or after meals...? Associated with fat or food? Does it wake you at night? Any problems with your lungs, breathing or heart?

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Cbc all normal, alp 67, AST 17, ALT 16, bilirubin 1.0, exercise a lot... Upper right under rib fullness w/drink alcohol, liver disease w/#'s okay?

Many things. Right upper abdomen pain could be many things, including gallbladder, kidney, liver, colon, or small bowel disease. A good sonogram would show gallstones, liver conditions, kidney issues. Might need endoscopy to rule out ulcers. Make sure you are not just constipated. Read more...