When should I start putting wrinkle creams?

Wrinkle treatment. Start antiwrinkle treatment as soon as you wonder if you should start them. Using Retin-A since adolescence for acne and then continuing for sun damage rejuvenation, over the years, can make a profound impact on the skin tone and color and fine lines.
Earlier the better. Anti wrinkle creams work the best when you don't have wrinkles; they can help prevent wrinkles and improve the skin's ability to exfoliate &correct damage. So start early, decrease sun exposure, use spf and use good skincare products. If in your 20s-30sr, consider peels/microderms for better product penetration. If older lasers & injectables help with wrinkles as well as good skin care.
Prevention is Best. Once wrinkles have set in, creams may have a limited role. I do recommend topicals with Retin-A and anti-oxidants, however you really need to try to stimulate new collagen and resurface the skin with laser procedures to see true "correction" in fine lines and wrinkles. Not all lasers are created equally, so seek the advice of a reputable laser surgeon in your area for more info. Hope this helps!
Before they occur. Wrinkle creams work better at preventing wrinkles than they do at actually removing wrinkles. Best to start before wrinkles are really noticeable. Antioxidants help to bind free radicals which cause damage and breakdown of collagen which leads to aging--using them can help slow down the aging process.