Count is 10 million. Slugghish motile sperm 25%... Using this immotile sperm will icsi success? Already we have 2 failed icsi. .

It should work! Icsi (injecting a sperm into an egg) bypasses poor motility and should succeed. If you have failed two ivf/icsi cycles, i strongly suggest you defer a third cycle, gather up your records, and undergo a second opinion consult at a facility that has a high ivf success rate (you can see mine, for example, at: http://ivfmd.Com/eng/statistics_1.Htm most of my patients conceive on cycle #1!
More than sperm. Most likely fertilization with icsi would be fine. With 2 failed cycles either there is an egg issue, a uterus issue, or a genetic problem in the embryos. Pgd genetic testing may provide answers in a future cycle. Still icsi is the way to go.