Is there a natural way to treat dermatographia?

Stinging nettle. You may need a antihistamine, but the herb stinging nettles can help.
Yes. Usually dermatographia goes away on its own but in some severe cases it needs medical treatment. Otc antihistamines will work well, but sometimes one must take them indefinitely.
Yes but try this. Herbal may be used to treat dermatographia. The key is well hydration to prevent skin dryness that can lead to itching. So: focus on drinking a lot of fluids/water and avoid scratching the skin. Also, moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated would help.
No. Dematographia is a manifestation of histamine reaction and could be part of th urticaria syndrome and it could also be a manifestaiton of mild increase of mast cells in the skin. There isno natural way of treating it.