I started getting acne again. Am I eating too much fatty food?

No. If you feel that some food makes your acne worse, it is best to avoid them. New studies have shown that some patients may benefit from a low "glycemic diet"-- less processed sugars such as sodas and candy. Recent studies suggest that excessive consumption of dairy products may exacerbate acne. Growth hormones given to cows that may trigger excessive oil gland activity- so consider organic milk.
No. It is a common misconception that "fatty foods" causes acne. In most cases, food plays a very small role in acne. Studies have shown that soda, chips, fried foods, and chocolate do not cause acne. So why the link? Stress may aggravate acne, and it may simply be that we eat certain comfort foods (like fatty foods) when we are stressed.
Maybe. Avoid sugar and simple carbs, and if fatty foods seem to break you out change your diet.