Can you have successful surgery for arthritis?

Depends on where. Common arthritis surgeries involve knee, hip, shoulder replacement. This is typically due to osteoarthritis, which tends to affect large weight-bearing bones. Small joint surgical options are more limited and should be discussed with a hand or foot-and-ankle specialist. Success depends on many factors, including your expectations.
Arthritis. That depends on where the surgery is done. Hips and knees are the most successful .
Yes. Yes surgery can be successful for arthritis. The most common joint replacements are knees and hips.
Yes but not every 1. ...Is successful. Hips ; knees r the most common.1 must b informed of pro/con of the procedure ; make an informed consent. Usually a patient is deemed a candidate, but it is up 2 the patient 2 decide when ; if they want it done. The success rates r high ; have have proven success over decades of such surgery.