I work a lot with computer and lately my fingers have been aching and I feel pressure when I make a fist, is this carpal tunnel or arthritis coming on?

Carpal Tunnel. Carpal tunnel is typically manifested by numbness and/or tingling in the thumb, index, long, and half of the ring finger. Although aching may be reported, numbness and pins/needles are more common. It can be reproduced by holding your wrist in the bent forward position for well over a minute or may be considered if you can elicit tingling with forcible tapping over the underside of the wrist.
Possibly. If you have an electrical sensation in your palm or fingers and especially if you feel pressure or pain when making a fist (but still able to make a fist), this may be carpal tunnel. Arthritis is pain of the joints rather than a strictly nerve-type pain.
Possible cts. Pain in the wrist and fingers associated with pressure when making a fist can certainly be caused from carpal tunnel syndrome. An evaluation by a hand surgeon who can perform xrays and obtain nerve studies can easily determine the exact cause and treat accordingly.

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Carpal tunnel had surgery on my right hand 12/08 because I was in a accident that cause me to have surgery on my right hand because I conuld't make a fist so now I had the surgery but now my hand & wrist just pain me all the time I don't sleep I can't l

It's . It's impossible to diagnose your problem over the internet, but it sounds like you should see a hand surgeon to see if there is something that can be done. There are many problems that can possibly be taken care of...You just have to be willing to go to a hand surgeon and have him or her help you. If you want to read more about carpal tunnel syndrome, follow this link to the aaos website. http://orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cfm?topic=a00005 hope this helps, matt robon, md. Read more...
Peak Reaction. You are experiencing what i like to call "peak reaction" time in the healing of carpal tunnel surgery. At approximately 6 weeks post op this occurs. The area of the palm is sore and swollen. Nsaids, warm soaks can help. Gentle massage can lessen the swelling. This will resolve within a few days to a few weeks. Usually by 3 months all swelling is gone. If it persists longer, follow-up w/ dr. Read more...