I'm having surgery for maltracking (lateral release medial pattellfemeroral reconstruction and autograft on hamstring) what should I expect?

Bracing & therapy. Bracing is usually warranted after patellar stabilizing surgery. Physical therapy is also important to help regain motion & strength. Your surgeon will have a specific rehabilitation regimen for you to follow for the 6-12 weeks following surgery. The layerl release decreases the tethering affect on the outside of your knee, and the mpfl reconstruction prevents patellar subluxation/dislocation.
A long recovery. While the initial recovery from the surgery will be measured in weeks, or a few months the full benefits of the surgery will take 6-12 months and include rehabilitation of the knee, especially quadriceps strengthening. The good news is that with the correct diagnosis and in the correct hands patients having the operation you are having are very happy with the results.