When is a knee replacement recommended?

For pain. When an artistic knee fails non operative therapy and becomes painful enough to interfere with normal activities, surgeons consider knee replacement.
The last step. Knee replacement or total knee arthroplasty is recommended when three criteria are met. First the patient has to have x-ray evidence of joint degeneration. Second the patient has to have failed non-surgical treatment. Third the pain caused by the arthritis has to be limiting the patient or decreasing quality of life. In the end it is the patient that decides when to have knee replacement.

Related Questions

Doctor has recommended me knee replacement for both my knees is there any other waty?

Conservative. Usually treatment starts with medication then injections bracing and therapy before proceeding to surgery. If all those have been done then surgery is the next step in treatment.
Depends. It all depends on your symptoms and your response to conservative treatments such as over-the-counter pain meds, icing, low-impact exercise, weight loss, and knee injections. If all these have failed, you have severe knee pain aggravated by walking, and you have severe arthritis, then your only other option is to live with the pain.

Is a knee replacement categorized as a disability?

Yes. It is not considered a total disability. And varies from patient to patient. It does not automatically qualify you for any particular benefits.
Maybe. The success of a total knee replacement is objectively measured through a series of steps. These steps are designed to assess how well the knee replacement is functioning overall for the patient. The ama disability ratings guide is then used to determine if the patient has a "ratable" disability.

I have knee arthritus but I have mobility and stiffness, no pain. Is a knee replacement in the horizon. Thanks!

Good operations. But do what you can yourself first! Weight control, exercizes, physical, therapy. The artificial joints seem to be improved regularly so no rush! Be sure to review all your risks, and lifestyle benefits of major surgery.

How often is a knee replacement needed after non-displaced patella fracture, no surgery in 45 yr old otherwise healthy female?

Hopefully once. The typically longevity of a knee replacement is about 15-20 years Not sure if you had a nondisplaced fracture if that s what you need Id try some other treatments first you want to hold off on a replacement until youre older if possible.
If it's non. Displaced you likely would not need a replacement knee.

On june 10 th I have knee replacement. My knee doesn't respond as well as I expect. It doesn't flex enough. I will have knee manipulation. What is this?

Post surgical knee. Scar tissue that forms following surgery may prevent full range of motion. If physical therapy cannot resolve this, manual manipulation is performed to break the scar tissue.