Can I get a mumps vaccine while pregnant?

No. All live vaccines like the measles, mumps & rubella should be avoided in pregnancy. Of the few accidental administrations reviewed, no bad outcomes have been recorded, but the potential for fetal transmission & problems cannot be ruled out.
MMR after delivery. The mumps vaccine (MMR) is a live-virus vaccine, so it is not given to pregnant women or to women just about to become pregnant. It can be given to the mom after her baby is born.
No shot available. Mumps is no longer manufactured as an individual vaccine . It is combined with measles and rubella. Asmentionedhowever, all three vaccines are contraindicated in pregnancy as stated.

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Is it necessary to get the mumps vaccine after you have already been exposed?

Depends............. The only way to determine if you have immunity against the virus, you would need an antibody titer. If it is in the accepted protective range, then no. If the tier is below that level, then any exposure you might have had with the virus was not sufficient to produce immunity and you should then receive the mumps vaccine. Read more...