The hours I sleep do not seem to normalize, how can I get them to?

Sleep psychologist. Your best bet is to see a board certified sleep psychologist who specializes in cbti. Call the following specialist:to contact dr. Tracy kuo phone: 650-722-2305 palo alto office: 1101 welch rd, suite a2, palo alto, ca 94304 she specializes in this. In the interim take melatonin 3 mg prior to desired sleep onset and: counselingservice.Vassar.Edu/docs/sleep%20hygeine%20... Good sleep hygiene.
Entrainment. The trick in most people is to set a schedule or monitor your current schedule with a sleep log. More important than bedtime is a strict wake up time. This will most normalize your sleep hours. Napping is the most detrimental to sleep schedules. Avoid napping altogether if you are able or if napping is a must, set a timer and avoid more than 15 minutes.