I chronically do not feel refreshed, after sleeping what can I do to feel better?

See sleep specialist. Sleeping is so vitally important for good health. It is when we recharge our battery and it enables us to thrive. Lack of good consistent sleep can not only be dangerous to our body ( high blood pressure, depression, anxiety) but to others. A leading cause of fatal car accidents is falling asleep at the wheel. Your body is telling you that you need help. Listen and take care of yourself.
Hygiene. Sleep hygiene is following simple recommendations for getting a better night's sleep. They include: 1) follow a routine, keep a set bedtime and waketime 2) do not exercise 2-3 hours before bed 3) only use the bed for sleep & sex (no tv or reading) 4) tie up loose ends before going to bed (itemize your day, make a list) 5) turn your alarm clock away from you so you can't see it. These are a few.