What does it mean when I have an irregular heart beat during rem?

Exciting Dream State. Rem or rapid eye movement sleep is when most dreaming occurs. It is a lighter sleep allowing you to be more aware of your body sensations and your dreams. If you have an exciting experience in your dream your body responds by producing more adrenalin. This may cause an irregular heart beat or an awareness of your heart beating leading to palpitations.

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What treatments are commonly prescribed when you have an irregular heart beat during sleep?

Depends. Some peope have slowing of the heart rate and this does not need any specific treatment. Others have obstructive sleep apnea increasing arrhythmias and a mask called CPAP can help. The treatment depends on the etiology.
Usually, none. Most irregular heart beats are benign, a normal variant of the inherent electrical function of heart muscle. No treatment is generally required for this type, although medications such as beta-blockers, e.g. Can be used if experiencing unsettling symptoms. Sleep apnea can be an important (often unrecognized) cause of abnormal rhythms during sleep; diagnosing this condition and treating it may help.

What does it mean if you have an irregular heart beat? (double beats, pausing) my friend has it and she is 15.

Extra beats. Most probably she has extra beats, may be referred to as premature beats. Not uncommon, especially in female teens during puberty years. If structurally normal heart with normal function, they are usually benign and rarely require any treatment. Best to avoid caffeinated products which may increase them in frequency.

Hello doctors, what does an irregular heart beat mean?

Palpitation Sx. Palpitations are an awareness of extra heartbeats which most of us have. The sensation can be single or multiple and can sometimes last minutes. Different people may feel other symptoms along with them such as dizzy, lightheaded or short of breath. The palpitations are almost always atrial or ventricular premature beats. Usually benign but they are also found with abnormal hearts.

I went to my doctor office and she refer me to a cardiologist for irregular heart beat what does this mean?

It means. ... Your doctor cares for you. Symptoms of "irregular heart beat"/palpitation/flutter are commonly encountered in clinical practice and may be benign. Your doctor will perform an ECG as a way of trying to determine what may be causing your symptoms. Your doctor may not feel comfortable with the findings on the ECG and will then ask a cardiologist's help in deciding what it is or isn't.