I'm experiencing loss of appetite. What can I do?

Loss of appetite? Can have many reasons , see u pcp for evaluation and work up.
Look for cause first. Appetite loss can be mental or physical or both. A good physical exam is the best place to start. You should look at your current circumstances to see if you are under more pressure than usual. Problems are not the only stressors, a new job, marriage or child can be very stressful. Any major change in life circumstances can be a cause of appetite loss. Are eating disorders in your family history?

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I'm depressed, but I'm not experiencing loss of appetite. What can I do?

Seek help. Loss of appetite does not always accompany depression. Often people who are depressed eat more to try to feel better. Think " comfort food ". If you ever have to go on an antidepressant and your appetite is increased make sure you try medication that does not increase your appetite if possible. Gaining weight, especially for women can bring you down, interfering with medication effectiveness. Read more...
Loss if appetite? Depression has numerous symptoms related to sleep, appetite , energy , concentration , interest level and others . When it comes to appetite it can be increased or decreased . So if u feel depressed talk to u. Pcp he can provide u medication or refer u to see a mental heath professional. Read more...