If my mom had schizophrenia, am I more likely to get it too?

No. You might have a little more predeposition but chances are small--i have a schizophrenic pt whose daughter is a nurse is married with children of her own--she doesn't appear 2have psyche problems.
Yes, but..... The odds are still 90% you will not. If there is no history of schizophrenia in your family your chances of developing it (any type, child-onset or adult-onset schizophrenia) are less than 1%. However, that risk rises to 10% if one of your parents was/is a sufferer.
Probably. Genetic studies show that there is about a 12% chance of a child getting schizophrenia or an associated disorder when one parent has schizophrenia. Like many mental disorders, who does develop it will be are very hard to predict. It is important to remember that how you live your life and take care of your physical and mental well being can help improve the odds. Learn all you can about it.