Is it safe to take exelon (rivastigmine) while pregnant or nursing?

For Dementia. It would be unusual to prescribe Exelon (rivastigmine) for a p[regnant woman, as it is generally used for dementia, which would rarely afflict a woman of child bearing age. However, familial alzheimers disease can rarely afflict people as young as in the forties, so pregnancy may still occur. I would not recommend Exelon in a pregnant woman.
Yes. Exelon, (rivastigmine) a treatment for dementia from alzheimer's dz or Parkinson's dz is a category b medication. Animal studies show no risk or adverse fetal effect but controlled human first trimester studies are not available or do not confirm this in humans. There is no evidence of second or third trimester risk. Fetal harm is possible but unlikely. There is inadequate literature to assess risk in lactation.

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