If I am depressed and I am in a relationship. Does this mean that I am not in a healthy relationship?

Not necessary. People can get depressed for many reasons , while relationship can be one of them , certainly is not the only reason .
Depression. Not always. Some depressions are genetic or other causes that are not due to your relationship. See your doctor for diagnosis and proper treatment.
Support. Not necessarily. If you believe your relationship is adding to the depression you might explore that with a therapist, individually or in couples therapy. If you're thinking depression is stressing the relationship, it might help to know a solid support system is a great resource in overcoming depression. While it can effect how you relate to your partner, it doesn't mean you shouldn't be in it. .
Of course not. Depression is one of the most common mental health issues. While depression can certainly impact a relationship it does not mean that the relationship is unhealthy because of it. It can be a challenge to to relate to others when you are feeling depressed. With a supportive and understanding partner, however, it can be done.
Depression. Hi Lorna, not necessarily. You have to first figure out why you're depressed. It could be the relationship, but it could be so many other things. It's important to introspect and ask yourself what you are depressed about. You can do this on paper. If you're having trouble figuring it out, you could see a qualified therapist who will help you.
Depression is not. necessarily a sign that the relationship is unhealthy, but It indicates U & Ur partner may benefit from couple's therapy. I see it as a wake up call & opportunity 2 figure out what's making U unhappy. It may be due 2 physiological depression, reactive depression, unprocessed grief or losses from the past. Or it may B a sign of problems in the relationship. A psychologist can help U figure it out.
Possibly. Depression is a sign that something is wrong. It could be medical and/or psychological. There are a vast number of causes for depression. Your question may be indicative of you doubting that you are in a healthy relationship. I recommend that you seek professional help to find your answer. Best wishes. .