What does it mean to have a personality disorder?

Ingrained pattern . Of behavior, it means it is what it is and it can be not easy to change.
Dysfunctional caract. Personality is the way you have learned (or inherited) to how to interact, respond, perceive , life in general and will affect the perception of self/others, daily behavior, interaction with peers and outside/inside world in general.In general we use the term of "disorder: when this personality causes dysfunction in life. Many people have few traits of some personality but not the disorder.
Personality Disorder. Is inflexible pattern of perceiving, interpreting & communicating with others that results in distress or interferes with one's daily functioning.

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What does it mean to have dual personality disorder?

No such thing. There is no "dual personality disorder" in the mental health diagnostic system. However, there is a dissociative identity disorder -- where 2 or more alternate identity or personality states take control of a person. Each of these has its own characteristics, mannerisms, memories, and ways of experiencing -- and behaving in -- the world. It can follow from severe childhood trauma. Read more...

What does it mean to have a mild personality disorder?

Not sure. Everyone has a personality or traits that characterize their behavior. When the personality or traits becomes so "unusual" as to cause enduring and significant personal or social distress it crosses the line between being "normal" and being a disorder. I suppose mild means you are approaching that border. Read more...
Personality disorder. The key distinction between a personality disorder and other mental disorders is the degree to which the maladaptive coping patterns are longstanding & interrelated to the individual's sense of self. Qualifiers like "mild" typically have little evidentiary basis, rather they qualitatively describe the number, severity or pervasiveness of symptoms. Licensed clinician with specialty is key to tx. Read more...