Is there such thing as a forgiveness? How will going to the psychiatrist help?

Forgiveness. Forgiveness of self and others is a big part of healing. It can't be rushed, but it evolves in its own time when issues are addressed and processed honestly. This means you can't skip over the pain part into forgiveness; it's important to acknowledge what's happened. Psychiatrists can assist this process by witnessing it with you, keeping you on track, and showing you compassion when you forget.
Yes/Try it! Yes there is forgiveness. The psychiatrist can guide you to acceptance or why you cannot forgive. There may be several issues running at the same time. You need a professional to help you to figure some of this out. Forgive me, you need to start trusting!
Yes. For forgiveness to occur, motivation has to shift from anger and blame to charity and compassion and behavior has to change. Silent forgiveness occurs when anger and blame shifts, but without behavior change. Empty forgiveness occurs when behavior changes, but anger and blame persists. Forgiveness requires the victim to cancel the debt, and yes, a professional can guide you through this process.