What can I expect in a check-up at the dentists office?

First visit to. Your dentist is the most important one. You want to be confident in the quality of care that your dentist provides. At first glance: welcoming reception area, a clean, neat office and friendly professional environment are often signs of a well-run dental office. After your exam, the dentist should present a treatment plan. Make sure that all your questions are answered. Have a nice experience.
Thorough exam. Exam, xrays, questions, anything else related to whatever was noticed during the exam.
Open wide... For a typical dental visit one would expect a series of xrays for diagnostic purposes; then an oral examination and cleaning. The dentist will check for cavities and gum disease (of course) and review what you need to do to insure you stay on the road to good oral health.
Complete exam. The dentist will check your teeth and gums. He will also check your bite and screen for oral cancer.