What toothpaste should I introduce my kids to dental hygiene with?

One they like. Getting your kids in the habit of proper brushing (and flossing) is extremely important at an early age. Use minimal amount of toothpaste especially at an early age. Make if fun and not a chore. Actual technique is more important than the toothpaste itself. Good eating habits is equally important. Which toothpaste used is the least important factor regarding good dental hygiene.
What age. It all depends on the age please check with your dentist or american dental association recommendation based on the age.
ProNamel for kids. #1 kid's toothpaste. Remember to use only a pea-sized portion of toothpaste. Ask your dentist or preferably pediatric dental specialist for advice. (1st dental ck-up age 1).
Flouride toothpaste. Toothpaste with ada seal is recommended.
Non-fluoride. Depending on your kids' age, Fluoride toothpaste may be a little hazardous because they frequently end up swallowing it.
Bubble gum. most kids don't like mint. there are lots of flavors out there for kids. most like bubble gum.
Make it fun. Agree completely with dr. Sandler. Make tooth brushing a fun activity that is a part of their daily routine. You can even brush together to really get them excited. Keep it positive. Sometimes a mild tasting toothpaste is easier for them to accept but as mentioned the habit itself in more important than specific type. Also be sure to only use a pea size amount of paste if very young.
Any Childrens toothp. Several companies make specific children's toothpastes. Depending on their age it is important to start with these toothpastes as they dont contain Fluoride which can be dangerous to children through overdose if they are not old enough to spit the toothpaste out. Once they are old enough to spit the toothpaste out, any fl toothpaste will work, just put a pea sized amount on.
Crest. Crest Fluoride formulae started the whole thing years ago. That's why I use their stuff.
Just brush. The most important thing is just to get them to brush. There's a great new video on youtube called "teach me how to brushy" (could not create a link). Find a non-fluoride toothpaste for younger children who may swallow the paste in a flavor that they will like. Colgate & tom's make good child-friendly flavors. For teethers, try orajel training toothpaste.