What do I do to get over my fear of going to the dentist?

One step at a time. Step #1- ask friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, colleagues for the dentist they use, trust and are happy with. Step #2- go for a consultation and explain that you want to find out what dental treatment you need but are apprehensive. Step#3- give that dentist a chance to prove to you that modern dentistry by a caring professional is easy and painless. Step#4- go slowly but get it done.
Caring Dentist. Find a dentist that will take the time to talk to you about your fears. If this does not help there are mild sedatives that can be taken to alleviate your fears while you are getting dental treatment.
Build a relationship. Find a dentist who offers sleep dentistry and build a relationship with them. Once you know what is ahead in your treatment plan, you and your dentist can talk about the best way to relieve your fear. We have a variety of options at our office and once we know what level of relaxation or sedation our patient needs, we can manage it in the least stressful way possible.
Anticipating a bad. Outcome is the basis of fear that triggers our autonomic arousal system. Reduce the anticipation by expressing your fear to your dentist and develop a fear reduction plan. If you tend to always be in a high arousal state (anxious, fearful, automatic negative thoughts), you need to address this problem directly & learn effective self-regulation skills: breath control, meditation, biofeedback etc.