Are sinus problems related to teeth pain?

Maybe. Inflammation of the cheek sinuses (sinusitis of the "maxillary sinuses") can be perceived as pain in the teeth of the upper jaw; the term is referred pain. That pain will resolve with successful treatment of the sinusitis.
Possibly. The last 4-5 teeth on each side of the upper jaw may have roots that are in close proximity of the floor of the maxillary sinus. Some teeth may have roots that appear to project into the sinus. Because of this close anatomical relationship, pain from any tooth beneath the sinus can be referred to the sinus. Likewise, pain from the sinuses can be referred to the teeth.
Sometimes. Sinus problems can cause pain in the upper back teeth even though there is no actual dental problem. This happens because for some people the roots of these teeth poke up into the sinus area. Usually this type of pain affects several teeth at once and is hard to localize. You need to be evaluated by your dentist to rule out any actual dental problem that could be there as well.
Upper. Maxillary sinus problems can cause pin of the upper back teeth. Conversely, infected upper back teeth can cause sinus problems. These teeth-sinus situations can be complex. Best bet is an evaluation by an oral & maxillofacial surgeon.

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Is Neti Pot effective at treating sinus problems that contribute to teeth pain?

Maybe. Netipots can be very effective for rinsing the sinuses. If you are having tooth pain, this might be a full blown infection and a netipot by itself may not treat it. You may need a course of antibiotics and possibly some steroids. Read more...
Possibly. If inflammation and fluid in the sinuses are the cause of the tooth pain, then anything which relieves these will help with the tooth pain. If the netipot treatment seems to help, then, yes. If not, then see your md. Read more...
Possibly. Netipot treatments can be helpful in relieving some forms of sinus irritation, but any sinus irritation (of the maxillary sinuses) can cause tooth pain. So the effectiveness of netipot treatments will depend on why your sinuses are problematic and if they are the cause of the tooth pain. Best is to consult your dentist and ENT physician and get their input. Read more...