How can I prevent some of the social consequences of getting dentures?

Dentures . Get the alignment and color of the teeth in your denture characterized to you. Make sure it is to you liking. Keep your dentures well fitted to your gums by regularly getting them realigned. Keep them clean. Do not use toothpaste to clean your dentures. The polish in toothpaste will cause your dentures to look dull. Use adhesives if you have poor retention. Get new dentures minimum every 5 years.
Preventative is key! I'm sure you know taking care of your teeth and not losing your teeth is the best solution. But if you have dentures, it's important that they fit well, maintain, function, as well as being esthetically pleasing. Dentures can be made where most people may not realize you are wearing a denture so make sure you look into this option. Keeping them clean is also important to minimize staining.