Are swollen gums the same thing as ulcers?

Not necessarily. Ulcers on the gum are individual outbreaks of a virus. The ulcer will run its course and can be treated with different medications being put directly on it. These can give the feeling of swollen gums. Gum disease can also cause swollen gums. This disease is caused by bacteria and needs to be treated with cleanings, medication and education by your dentist.
Inflammation. Swelling is a sign of inflammation and ulcer is after tissue breaksdown and open both signs of riboflavin deficiency.

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I've been taking clarithromycin for 4 days for bacterial tonsillitis. I've since developed swollen gums, ulcers and cold sores. What can I do?

Call Professionals. You may have one problem that's spreading, or two concurrent unrelated problems. Call 2 Professionals. Call the Physician that prescribed the antibiotic for your tonsillitis and describe your new symptoms. Also call your Dentist and let him/her know what's going on. they may want to talk to each other. Read more...