Are thumb guards effective at stopping thumb-sucking?

Thumb guards. I think that if a kid wants to suck his or her thumb, they will find a way to get to it and get the thumb guard off. Good luck with that problem. Dr brazelton is a famous. Pediatrician I used to look up to help with these problems or any sleep issues. Good luck.
Maybe. Only way to know is to "buy and try." but is it really that much a problem to go that far? Maybe there is an underlying reason for the thumb-sucking you have not explored yet. Is it more frequent when they come home from daycare or a friends house or etc?

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How to make my 1.5 old son stop thumb sucking. I have dr. Thumb guard but he takes it off. Please help?

Bitter thumb. The best way of stopping the thumb sucking habit is to use a non toxic bitter taste on the thumb. I suggest coffee grounds or fresh aloe.