When are implanted dentures an option?

Implants. Tooth implants are an option for any lost tooth. The large advantage over dentures is that implants are actually implanted into the bone. This stimulates the bone to stay strong. Plain dentures, over time, cause the bone to start to be resorbed since it is not being stimulated directly they way teeth and implants do. You can also get this resorption with periodontitis.
Implants. The standard denture floats on gums and may slip, rub on gum tissue, or become so unstable that it falls out when the mouth is opened. Implants are not dentures. They are tiny posts that get inserted into the jaw to replace roots. Most patients with no natural teeth but with healthy bone can benefit greatly from the implant-supported denture.
No special time. They can be an option at any time, unless you have medical / health conditions which put you at risk for implant treatment. It has been suggested that the "standard of care" for a lower denture is with at least 2 implants to provide snap attachments to help hold it in place.
Great Question! Thanks for being proactive and asking! implant-retained dentures are options when you have good quality bone and enough bone for an implant to be placed where there is a missing tooth. After healing a denture can be placed on the implant so it minimizes rocking and improved fit. I think it's a great option for patients and we do this procedure all the time and patients love it.
Implant Dentures. There are times when the shape of the palate or the remaining alveolar ridge are minimal creating a problem with denture retention that require implant placement to improve the retention of the denture. In other cases the patient desires to be able to have a secure feeling that he won't lose his denture in the middle of a conversation or during a meal. In most cases there is no need for implants.