Does baking soda and water whiten your teeth?

Yes it can. Yes it can help whiten teeth but should only be used once every 2 weeks since it is quite abrasive and can damage your tooth enamel. It certainly is not the best whitener available but can be useful as a maintenance tool.
Yes. Brushing your teeth with baking soda and water twice a day for 2 weeks will whiten the color of the teeth. Brush for at least 2 minutes and make sure you rinse well after using the baking soda.

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Please help! Does baking soda ruin your gums when you use it to whiten your teeth?

Baking Soda. Baking soda can be used to help maintain dental health. It is very important to dilute the baking soda to minimize an abrasive effect. It has not been documented to "ruin the gums" but as with any modality, it must be used in the proper concentration and with the proper method.
Why? With so many products on the market that carry the ada seal showing them to b both safe and effective, why would you pick a product to use off label?

Please tell me what and how does baking soda whiten your teeth?

As an additive to. Toothpaste, baking soda is considered a mild abrasive and in that context, a stain remover. Then by association, teeth are whitened. There are other whitening options, much better ones. Check w your dentist if he/she recommends baking soda during hygiene efforts and ask about bleaching options if you're interested.
Added Abrasive. The baking soda works as an abrasive, much like coarse sandpaper vs fine grit sand paper. I discourage the use of baking soda as I feel it is too abrasive for teeth. Talk to your dentist for a better alternative.

I was wondering is it ok to use baking soda to help whiten your teeth?

Baking soda is. In many dental products. But baking soda is abrasive, so if you were to use it straight very often it could erode enamel. Consult with your dentist. Take care.
Not good. There are better ways to lighten your teeth. Baking soda can make your teeth feel good and clean, but this is because it is abrasive. It will wear or abrade your enamel. It is not a good way to lighten teeth. Talk to your dentist about the many options available.

How often can you whiten your teeth with peroxide and baking soda?

Depends on. Concentration. In any event, everything in moderation. Excessive bleaching can damage your teeth in many ways. Best to consult with your dentist to evaluate your particular situation. Hope this helps.
Never! . Peroxide and baking soda can sometimes whiten your teeth, but they don't do it predictably or safely. You have no idea what is happening or what can go wrong when you experiment with chemicals like those in your bathroom. Buy some decent dental bleach from a reputable company or your dentist...Then you'll know it will work and that you'll be safe! Spend a little money and do it right.

Does baking soda whiten your teeth and if so does it do it dramatically? (for surface stains)

Whiten no, . Baking soda a good tooth cleaner since it is mildly abrasive enough to keep stain at bay without damaging enamel. However, baking soda will not change tooth shade at all. Only peroxide based whiteners can change the color of enamel.
No. Baking soda will not whiten you teeth dramatically or otherwise. If you want to whiten your teeth you can do it with over the counter products may take longer with so so results or go to your dentist who will advise you on all the options you have to whiten your teeth. With custom trays and whitening gel or in office zoom whitening.
Sometimes! Baking soda can brighten your teeth if the discoloration is coming from surface stains only. You need to be careful using this product because of the abrasive nature. Baking soda can wear the enamel off your teeth when done in excess.