Is prednisone a medication for TMJ and is it effective?

TMJ - Prednisone. Tmj disorders are about tooth grinding or alterations in bite, except in uncommon circumstances such as jaw trauma from boxing or a car wreck. Anything that relieves inflammation in the joint is helpful. Prednisone is helpful for tmj, but should not be used on a regular basis, as many side effects are common with long term use of steroids. Go see your dentist, if pain persists.
Steroidal therapy. This is a commonly used medication for acute pain in disorders of the tm joint.
R/O TMJ. TMJ can be very difficult to treat and overlap several specialists. I hav had the best results with ENT and oral surgery.. It can start with a poor bite due to genetics/after trauma/Bruxism secondary to stress. A good nite guard is essential. Topical Voltaren (diclofenac) gel and a low dose muscle relaxant like skelaxin/FLEXERIL /BOTOX/LIDOCAINE injections can help. Prednisone with quick taper may help.
See a specialist. Prednisone may help in the short run, but you need to treat the source, not the symptoms. Tmj problems don't usually subside on their own. The cause and source of the tmj/tmd pain must be evaluated, along with a super thorough history. A TMJ specialist should be consulted to get the answers that you desire.