Are there any natural remedies for tmj?

Exercises, de-stress. Tmj is a complex problem requiring a comprehensive approach. Most with TMJ grind their teeth at nite, which is ofter related to stress, so stress reduction techniques including meditation, counseling, emotional freedom technique & magnesium may help. Dental work may be needed. But for many the most useful approach may be to consult a orofacial myologist for jaw exercises- see http://www. Iaom. Com/.
Thumbsucking. Sounds crazy but a quick way is to allow the lower jaw to relax by preventing the back teeth from touching. I have had patients also describe positioning their tongue between their front teeth to reduce tmd symptoms.
Depends on the cause. I am all for natural remedies and alternative medicine for any ailment, but as noted by other answers, the tmj/tmd complex is very complicated and often involves a multitude of treatment approaches. A natural remedy, if it induces an anti-inflammatory response, may work. But determining the source of the problem is critical because the remedy may mask an underlying cause.
Yes. The Principles of Intrinsic Medicine can be used to create a treatment program which can help many but not all the patients with TMJ disease.
A few things. Self treat with soft diet, jaw exercises, massage, heat/cold, OTC pain meds. A splint or physical therapy would be next. Occasionally muscle relaxants, biofeedback. Xrays are done for diagnosis. Surgery usually reserved for serious symptoms not responsive to other treatments.