Does TMJ get worse at night?

Triggers. Tmd, dysfunction of the tm j (oint), may flare during our dormant stage. It may be due to sleeping position, a teeth grinding habit, or a teeth clenching habit, to name some common triggers.
It can. Especially if you clench or grind your teeth. Please speak to your Dentist. An Occlusal Orthotic (night guard) may be in order. If you have a malocclusion, consultation with an Orthodontic Specialist may be in order.
Yes maybe. Great answer, I know. What I mean is some people who have TMJ do better at night because they are not using their jaw, as during the day. Somewhat like staying off of a sprained ankle. But during sleep, the jaw position changes with sleep position, grinding may occur and the symptoms most definitely can allow for a terrible morning. A mouthpiece would be indicated if one awakes with more pain.
Sometimes. When associated with nighttime grinding or clenching, TMJ symptoms can certainly worsen at night. Often, sufferers complain of tightness of the jaw muscles in the morning. Yet, many be suffer all day long as well.
Yes, it is possible. TMJ pain is often worse at night or early in the morning. If concerned, see your dentist or orthodontist for evaluation.
TMJ at Night. Tmj is really about alteration of the bite during sleep or nighttime teeth grinding or clenching. Tmj pain is really not about a problem in the joint, but usually of the muscles around the joints. See your dentist for an exam.
Somtimes. TMJ symptoms that get worse at night are usually related to nocturnal clenching and grinding of the teeth.