Is it safe to take zostavax while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Nope & Unknown. If you're pregnant, you should not get the zostavax vaccine [it's a live virus]. After you get the vaccine, you should wait 3 months before you get pregnant [4 weeks according to the cdc]. If you're breastfeeding, we don't know how vaccine gets into your breast milk [usually they don't. Cdc says not contraindicated]. Zostavax has been tested in ages 50 and older.
Indicated above 60yr. Zostavax vaccine is indicated above age of 60. Not safe to have while pregnant or breastfeeding.
Above 60 year . Zostavax vaccine is indicated above age of 60 years. It is not safe to have this vaccine while pregnant.
Over the age 50. It is not to be given to pregnant mothes and is only given to people over the age of 50 Not safe while pregnant.