What precautions do I need to take when eating with tmj?

TMJ. Tmj is worsened by overworking the jaw. Avoid hard foods and hard candy. Avoid foods that require a lot of chewing. Eat softened foods e.g. Apple sauce instead of apples, nut butter instead of nuts, ground meat instead of steak, cooked vegetables instead of raw. Drink meals with smoothies etc. Instead of a solid meal like a sandwitch.
Avoid certain foods. Avoid anything that aggravates the TMJ. Usually hard or chewy foods.
Awareness is key. Be aware and protective of your opening and closing of the mouth. Cut food in smaller portions and try and not yawn too wide. Singing, playing musical instruments (mouth,) yelling, chewy or hard foods, ice, etc., can exacerbate the problems. Best therapy is too see a tmj/tmd doctor to help you with your symptoms and follow instructions.
Precautions with TMJ. Tmj is a very complex joint that can be affected by muscles, nerve, teeth, and the joint itself. A thorough examination to diagnose is important. Depending on severity, soft foods, anti-inflammatory medication (otc & prescription), muscle relaxants to orthotic therapy may be needed. At home watching what you eat and not force movements is important and get examined by your doctor.