What does it mean to have a whooping cough? Is this a lung problem?

It's an infection. Whooping cough is a highly contagious bacterial disease that causes uncontrollable, violent coughing. the coughing can make it difficult to breathe.  a deep "whooping" sound is often heard when the patient tries to take a breath. It is an upper respiratory infection caused by the bordetella pertussis or bordetella parapertussis bacteria. It can be prevented by vaccine.
Infection of lungs. Whooping cough is named for the horrible repeated sequence of short coughs followed by a dramatic whoop or vibratory noise from the airways as baby takes a deep breath. It is caused by a vaccine preventable bacterial infection of the lungs that produces lots of sticky mucous baby coughs out to get air. Adults, even if immunized as kids, can get it, be asymtomatic & give it to babies who may die.

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Is it possible to get whooping cough as an adult if you had an immunization as a child dry cough, lungs hurt, slight fever

Yes.. Yes. Immunity wanes after a few years so you need a booster every 8-10 years. You may just have a viral bronchitis but if cough persists you should see your doctor for an evaluation. You should also get a pertussis booster (tdap).
Yes. Yes you can get pertussis or whooping cough. Get yourself checked.
Very much so. The old whole cell whooping cough vaccine has so many side effects it was never given after age 6 & by their teen years, many became vulnerable. For years teens were our largest group of new cases. The new acellular pertussis vaccine became available in the mid 1990's but was not in wide use in older teens or adults until after 2000. No vaccine within 10 years=vulnerable.

My mum has a small nodule on the bottom of her right lung. She quit smoking 17 years ago. She had whooping cough when she was 45.any idea please worried?

Lung nodule. This could be many many things so more information may help but probably should sit down with her doctor to get more information.

My 7 year old son has had a chronic dry cough for about 2 1/2 months. I gave him singular did not work, he had chest xrays all good, lungs sound great, they did a "whooping cough test" negative. Cough meds do not work. No fever, acts like a healthy 7 year

The. The cause of a chronic cough can be a very tricky problem to figure out in kids or adults. Common causes include: -asthma -gastro-esophageal reflux -allergies -chronic sinusitis -pertussis (whooping cough) -habit cough -pneumonia or other infectious cause such as tuberculosis it looks like your son's doctor has been doing a good job thinking of these problems and trying to rule out each one with the tests and medication trials they have been suggesting. Most of these problems will cause coughing all night as well as during the day except for habit cough. I've attached a website with some information on habit cough which is very common in kids. I hope this helps.

I am hospitalized w/ pnemonia and possibly whooping cough. Blood test came back pos for staph. How serious is staph infection in the lungs?

Very. If you have positive blood cultures for staph aureus (ask your doctor what species of staph since if it is coagulase negative it is probably a contaminant) you are very seriously ill and infective endocarditis must be excluded from your diagnosis. You need to be seen in consultation by an infectious diseases expert. Hope you get over this soon. Good luck.

I have post nasal drip a chest pain and a cough from the centre of my chest in deep a whooping sound - could it be TB I previously worked with homelss?

Cough? TB. hi ~ of course possible ~ highly unlikely. Its not easy to get TB if you healthy, not living in CLOSE confines of a CONFIRMED case. Whooping you could have one of the other whooping coughs Theres 3: bordetella pertussis - u were vaccinated for sure, 2. bordetella parapertussis - u could have that and 3. bordetella bronchiesepticum, unlikely since its vetinary. Viruses make u whoop too.