How do doctors determine whether the chest pain is associated with the heart or the lungs?

Tests. History and physical. .. Ecg and/or stress test to check the heart. .. Chest x-ray and/or ct scan to check the lungs.
Multiple things. The physician will take a detailed history, look at the electrocardiogram, perform a physical examination, and in some cases, perform a stress test. All of this information, taken together, will lead the physician to the proper diagnosis.

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If I feel a tear pain and chest pain in right pectoral muscle what could this be? I went to the doctor and she said my heart sounded good and lungs

Pectoralis muscle st. It sounds like a pectoralis muscle strain, or possibly an intercostal muscle strain. The pectoralis muscle lies over the chest; the intercostal muscle lies in between the ribs. They can be strained during strenuous exercise, coughing, or some other problem; however, other possibilities exist. Just by auscultation (listening), you can miss some heart/lung/stomach problems. Use HealthTap Prime. GL.

Iam 16 years old. I ahd a chest pain jaw pain and pins and needles. Doctor said I ahve phlegm in my lungs like infection. Do I have heart problem.

It sounds like. A lung infection and not your heart if you were told you had phlegm in your lungs.
Lung infection. Sounds like you are being treated by a doctor. Follow your doctors instructions for your treatment. Make sure you report all of your symptoms to your doctor and ask any questions.

I always feel chest pain after masturbation and doctors always made tests and said it's not related to heart. So What is?

Symptom. Without more of a history and physical and knowledge of what tests you've had and their results, can not answer your question. It is fair to ask it of your doctor who has this information however.

Well my doctor rule out the chest pain is not coming from my heart but he don't kno what it can be so I think how he became a doctor?

Chest pain. The differential diagnosis for pain in the chest includes some 200 different conditions the top ten will kill. I would as your physician is doing exclude those first then move on to non urgent. I understand you want need and deserve an answer but some are harder to come to.

Help no help chest pain but heart is healthy thats what doctor tells me but dipp dow I think is somthing wrong with it 10 years of pain gone by?

Chest pain. If your doctor tells you that your heart is healthy, he might be wright. Not all chest pain are cardiac or heart related. It could be musculoskeletal, muscle related. Or GI related.

My doctor just tuning me in circles with this chest pain they ruled out heart but i, m still in pain don't kno what to do where to go am afraid?

Rule out. There are different reasons for chest pains. If cardiac cause was ruled out, then the possibilities can be such as heartburn induced even in the absence of heartburn as such, costochondritis, anxiety related, etc. It becomes a diagnosis of exclusion. Talk to your pcp.