Is it safe to take vitamin B2 while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes. You really do not need to supplement your adult multivitamin with additional vitamin supplements. You should eat foods rich in vitamin b2 like fish and leafy greens.
Yes. Vitamin b2 is an important vitamin and an adult multivitamin will have an adequate dose. You really don't need to take an extra supplement. In addition and more importantly you will get more vitamin b2 in your system if you eat a healthy, well balanced diet of unprocessed foods. You should eat lots of greens and fish.

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Is it safe to take vitamin b7 while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes. You will have enough vitamin b7 in your adult multivitamin. The best way to get all vitamins and minerals is through your diet. Good sources of vitamin b7 are chicken and fish.
B7 is biotin. Biotin is a critical nutrient in pregnancy. It may like Folic Acid support nervous system development. Your prenatal vitamin should contain at lead 300 mcg. Avoid raw egg white protein because it may interfere with biotin availability. Eat eggs cooked because the yolk contains biotin which is not destroyed by cooking.

Is it safe to take vitamin b3 while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes. The b vitamins are safe in pregnancy. They are in prenatal vitamins and you may not need more. If you take a lot of b vitamins, you may have some discoloration (yellow or orange) of your urine.
No. Niacin (vitamin b3) is classified with a "c" rating for pregnancy (a being the safest) because there has been fetal harm in animal studies. There is insufficient data in humans but you should avoid supplementation. You should be taking prenatal vitamins which contain a safe amount of Niacin and plenty of folic acid.

Is it safe to take vitamin a while pregnant or breastfeeding?

No. Too much vitamin a can be dangerous. Take one adult multivitamin which will have a safe level of vitamin a and eat a balanced healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fish.
Yes. Vitamin a is ok during pregnancy; however I would not recommend taking vitamin a supplementation beyond that included in your prenatal vitamin. People are not typically deficient in vitamin a, so I would not take that as a sole supplement if I were not taking other vitamins.
Yes. Vitamin a in pregnancy is safe if taken in the proper dose. Stick to the dose in a prenatal vitamin.
Prenatal/Daily. It is really necessary to take Prenatal Vitamins includes Folic Acid to prevent Spina Bfida and for good health and yes it is safe to take once a day vitamin when breast feeding.

Is it safe to take vitamin B9 while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes. This is just another name for folic acid, which is a recommended supplement in pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects.
Important to take! Not only is vitamin B9 (more commonly known as folic acid) safe to take but is considered the most important vitamin to take during pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects. It is especially important to take in the first weeks of pregnancy. Many people can't convert Folic Acid to the active form, 5-mthf, so to be very safe it may be wise to take the 5-mthf form.

Is it safe to take vitamin C while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes. You can take vit c supplements while pregnant or breastfeeding but you should not exceed recommended dosing. You will get more with eating lots of fruits and vegetables high in vitamin c. Our bodies absorb vitamins much better when presented in unprocessed foods. Plus if you are taking a multivitamin everyday that will also have vitamin C in it. Too many vtiamin supplements are not good.
Yes. It is a critical nutrient. Excess amounts could cause colic as it is an acid and it is secreted in the breast milk.

Is it safe to take vitamin b5 while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes. It is one of the vitamins in your daily prenatal vitamin so you probably don't need anymore. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Our bodies absorb vitamins much better through unprocessed foods than supplements.
Yes. The requirement is highest during these times. It is always in prenatal vitamins. Since only one isomer is active it may be best to get additional amounts from food sources such as meat, avocados, and royal jelly.

Is it okay if I take prenatal vitamins if I'm not pregnant or breastfeeding anymore? I stopped breastfeeding recently but still have vitamins left.

Prenatal vitamins. It's good to continue with prenatal vitamins after the delivery and completion of breast feeding to make up for the loss of these elements during the pregnancy and breast feeding. In spite of the name prenatal vitamins they can be used after the pregnancy and breast feelings are over as they are excellent source for Iron and vitamins.

vitamin d deficiency for at least 3 years then got pregnant august 2013 and been breastfeeding 8 months can my osteoporosis be related to this?

Osteoporosis. Regrettably yes but extremely unlikely. If you have had a DXA study was it normal? If not you will need a full osteoporosis work up by a very competent Endocrinologist and Spine Surgeon. Why is this unlikely? Because only 15 women have developed osteoporosis after pregnancy over the past 5 years. See the doctors and I am confident you will be fine and thoroughly enjoy your.