When I take my inhaler, my chest tightness and pain do not seem to go away. Am I supposed to wait it out?

Use MDI properly. One of the reasons that i found why the inhalers do not help is because they are not being used properly; patients must inhaled deeply at the same time they press on they inhalers, if they can not do it , they need to use a spacer with them or have a styroform cup, punch a hole in the bottom of the cup put the inhaler opening through the hole of the cup then press and inhaled.
Use the right way. Are you using your inhaler properly? Some may not know how to use their inhaler properly, thus waisting the medication; you should exhale first then inhale deeply while pressing the on "pump" then hold your breath for about one to two seconds after inhaling, if you can not coordinate between inhaling and pressing the inhaler at the same time then you should use a spacer( may need controller).