How does obesity affect relationships?

Obesity relationship. Obesity is a complicated disease. It is the result of genetic influences ; interactions with our environment. When a patient is obese, they may have self esteem issues, medical illnesses related to obesity, lack of energy, ; difficulty with social interactions...Like sitting in chairs, booths, toilets. On the other hand, some obese are happiest around food and weight loss can cause depression.
Relationships. Obesity reduces the energy level of one partner as well as overall health and produces significant worry in the other partner as it obviously is a serious illness that needs treatment. Best.
Negatively. It can negatively impact your self image. Intercourse can become harder because of the impact on the heart and respiratory system. The good news is that there are many treatment options. The HCG diet is a great one. Diet and exercise is primary. If this doesn't work and you are what is considered morbidly obese, surgery is an option. My office number is (239) 498-5760.
No issue. Obesity, nor anything else, should have an adverse effect on finding a loving and meaningful relationship. If this is what you meant, don't look at it that way.
Negatively. Many patients with obesity are depressed and may have low self esteem. These traits tend to have a negative impact on relationships.
Obesity. The obese partner often has a very low self image. Often this leads to difficulty with intimacy/sex. If one partner is reluctant to be nude in the presence of the other person one can feel rejected. Get help. Surgical options such as the gastric sleeve are very effective.