How can I get rid of the excess skin caused by my prior obesity?

Lose excess skin. Body contouring surgery can remove the excess skin after weight loss. Common procedures are tummy tuck, arm lift , thigh lift, breast lift +/- augmentation, face & necklift, body lift, buttock lift. The procedures needed, and combination or sequence of procedures, varies in each patient. I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon, and start with addressing what bothers you most.
Surgical Removal. Reduction of sagging and hanging skin typically requires surgical removal. The extent of surgery is dependent on amount of excess, and is often coupled with limited liporeduction procedures. This is usually termed "abdominoplasty" or body contouring surgery. Attaining good tone to your muscles, proper diet/exercise are critical to the overall safety & success of major body contouring procedures.
Only surgery. Lift or body contouring procedures are the only option. Use only an asps member surgeon.
Tummy tuck/body lift. Large weight loss can result in excess skin that will not shrink with time or exercise. The usual procedure for removing excess skin from the abdomen is a tummy tuck. Excess skin can also be trimmed away from upper arms, back, buttocks and thighs depending where it is needed.
Excision. After a large amount of weight loss, loose skin is generally surgically removed. The tradeoff is a scar versus loose skin. Skin will not tighten on its own.
No magic potion. Unfortunately, there is no magic shrinking potion or machines, lasers or devices which are capable of removing or reducing as much skin as surgery. Who knows what the future holds but for now these are only able to deliver a fraction of the shrinkage required.
Excess Skin Removal. Excess skin after weight loss can be difficult to deal without surgical intervention. First, your weight goal must be attained and maintained for 6 months without weight loss or gain. Once stable, body contouring skin excision can be completed to help tighten the skin envelope. Think of it like taking in your old clothes after weight loss. Formal review is necessary as one size does not fit a.
Tummy tuck/body lift. A tummy tuck will remove excess skin from your stomach area and tighten the muscles. If you also have excess skin around your hip and backside, a body lift may be a better alternative . The body lift is a tummy tuck + an outer thigh lift + a posterior buttocks lift.
Tummy tuck/body lift. Depending on the amount of excess skin. Typically a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and or a fully body lift (in massive weight loss patients) will be necessary to get rid of the excess skin.