Is obesity genetic?

Obesity is Genetic. Obesity clearly "runs in families". This is apparent by simply observing body appearances among parent and child. Now, we have found over 80 different genes that are preferentially found in obese individuals. The genes influence the metabolic rate (how many calories you burn), hunger hormone levels, fatty deposit tendencies, and many others. Identical twin studies also support a gene answer.
Wow, gee, I guess I don't have to ever eat then due to fat parents. Gosh sure will save a bundle on groceries. makes fun of issues like this. If you are genetically 3 foot tall, then, the amt of calories to become fat is low. Obesity only became an issue in most of the worlld in the last 20 years. genes changed worldwide?!?!
Obesity. Genetic predisposition is confirmed, but becoming obese depends on many other controllable factors.
Seems partly genetic. The answer is yes and no. The number of fat cells that a person inherits is genetic. Fat cells don't go away and a person's "adult set value" remains pretty much constant which is why fat cells grow back after liposuction. The environmental factor in obesity has to do with what a person eats. When the fat cells store more fat, we gain weight and when they store less fat, we lose weight.
Seems partly genetic. Obesity, like most physical and mental traits in humans, seems to be partly genetic. That means obesity is also partly behavioral, familial, and environmental. The more tendency to become obese one has (regardless of where the tendency is coming from), the harder one will have to try to eat only as many calories as needed, and to exercise throughout one's lifetime.
Yes sometimes. some people are genetically predisposed to obesity. Other factors include the environment they grew up, dietary habbits and activity levels. also consider diseases like hypothyroidism and drug induced obesity due to prolonged use of corticosteroids.
Behavior +/- Genes. All living creatures are open systems: i.e. all atoms we are made of keep changing, some rapid/some slow. Thus if we eat & store less than loose daily, wt. will go down; more & wt will go up. Storing additional matter in times of feast vs. famine ?es odds survival in times of famine, thus a genetic advantage. But key is behavior/intake & cannot become obese without storing more than loose daily.