What do I need to evaluate in my life when starting a weight loss plan?

Weight loss. Also focus on a low glycemic index(<40) diet.Eat until you are satisfied, not full , eating every 3 hours.Drink plenty of water.Make sure you have labwork checking your hormones-any deficiencies need correcting.The majority of your carbohydrate intake should be vegetables .Eat mufa fats.
Eating and activity. Keep a food diary for 3 days and write down everything you eat and drink and your physical activity. Do you eat about every 3 hours? Do you get 30 minutes of planned physical activity a day? At meals do you eat about 2 handfuls of grains, 2 of fruits and vegetables and 1 of protein foods? Are your snacks 100-150 cal? Can you cut down on portions? Do you skip meals and later overeat due to hunger?