What are some common health consequences of being obese?

DM, BP and arthritis. The most common problem with long term obesity is arthritis. Carrying around extra weight causes a lot of wear on the hips knees and ankles as well as the lower back. If you have diabetes and high blood pressure in the family then being overweight can make those problems worse as well.
Nearly endless. Obesity challenges your body in many ways. The extra work your systems have to do to overcome the circulation and airway problems of extra work from obesity has lifelong consequences. Sleep apnea is common, which makes your brain tired and gives you less energy for the day ahead. Hormone imbalances from obesity and sleep problems make it harder to lose weight.
Many. Obesity has many health risks including pain and mobility issues, heart problems, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, increased risk of diabetes, depression, social stigmatization. Doctors can help treat many of these comorbidities but the best treatment would be to address the obesity. Reducing weight will help decrease severity and possibly eliminate the health risks. Even a 5% decrease helps.