Will cayenne pepper help me lose weight?

Unlikely to happen. Eating foods that contain cayenne pepper can help with weight loss only if a person doesn't increase the total amount of calories eaten per day. For example, eating spicy food might lower a person's appetite, so he doesn't eat as much at that meal. However, drinking a root beer float to wash down the spiciness will give a person lots of sugar & fat calories, thus increasing his calories & weight.
Another Fad. All these fad diets work in the short term, but the results are not lasting. Also, the stools you produce on the master cleanse diet leaves an unhappy house cleaner!

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What dosages do you take of cayenne pepper capsules to lose weight?

Depends. There is no amount of cayenne pepper that will make one lose weight if the basics are not first addressed... eating right (cutting out added sugar, avoiding soybean oil, minimizing refined and processed foods), enough exercise, quality sleep, etc. Weight loss is a complex issue, and there is no one magic bullet for it.

I've been mixing cayenne pepper with lemon and warm water to lose weight and 2 weeks ago I've been spotting or idk if is my period. What's goin on wit?

Cycle change. Sometimes when you have a dietary or hormonal change you can have a change in the way your cycle appears. If this continues to happen and you've made sure that you're not pregnant or have any kind of sexually transmitted disease then you should be further evaluated.