Is aromatherapy effective for stress relief?

Sometimes. Some people find aromatherapy very helpful in relieving stress. Certain fragrances like lavender, peppermint, and rose can be very relaxing. Smell goes directly to the thalamus and can relax stress centers in the brain.
Yes. Yes, aromatherapy can help calm you and make you think of something or somewhere else. If it triggers a happy memory from your past, you may get a euphoric response. However, any strategy, including aromatherapy, won't work if you stay focused on what is stressing you out. You have to have an open mind and let go, even if for just a short while.

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What can I do that helps with stress relief? Aromatherapy? Teas? Herbs?

Forrest Gump ! I'll paraphrase the tom hanks character : "stress is as stress does". We cannot escape stress. It's part of daily life for young, old, rich or poor. Managing the things that stress us : deadlines, duties and relationships, requires willful actions and good habits. Sometimes we need professional help, specially if anxiety gets the best of our sleep and relationships. Aromatherapy is good too ! Read more...