Can you give me some tips on how to live a long, healthy life?

Here's a plan... Eat right, keep your weight down, exercise regularly including weights and cardio, learn to manage stress, don't abuse alcohol, tobacco or drugs, don't engage in risky behaviors, keep learning, fall in love and stay happily married. Good Luck!
Yes. Eat healthfully w at least 5 servings of vegetables & 4 of fruit /day (organic is best). Increase nutritional fiber. Avoid refined sugar & junk carbohydrates. Avoid sweetened juices, soda & caffeinated beverages. Watch portion sizes. No tobacco, illicit drugs & low to no alcohol use. Aim for 7.5 to 8 hrs sleep /night. Hydrate w at least 64 oz of water / day. Maintain good hygiene. Daily physical.
Yes. Don't smoke, keep your weight down; eat a diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Exercise regularly.